Valerie R. Houghton, RN, MFT, Esq.

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Valerie R. Houghton, RN, MFT, Esq.
Family Mediation, Family Therapy & Forensic Services

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At the office of Valerie Houghton, her clients come first. Every client is treated with courtesy and respect. Valerie's expertise and integrity have earned her a reputation as a knowledgeable and creative  conflict management professional. She listens carefully and actively helps people identify and clarify their needs, set tangible goals and helps them actualize their individually designed plans in moving forward through whatever "conflictual bog" in which they are embroiled or trying to avoid!

Over the last 34 years, her work with individuals, couples, children and families, Valerie has developed and implemented the skill sets necessary to defuse conflict, foster people's strengths in dealing with family crises and assist people in moving beyond the conflictual "moment." Her ability to tune in to each individual's concerns without aligning against another is unique and innovative. She brings a fresh perspective towards transformative change and directly lets people know that her focus is on the safety and well being of all family members, most particularly on those of the children and other vulnerable family members who are involved. Valerie's style is open, tactful and direct, maintaining a focus on allowing people to save face and maintain their own perspective throughout the process. Her optimism is consistent, targeted closely on the "iatrogenic" risks of intractable conflict.

Valerie's consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. She uses cutting edge technologies that foster a quick response and give clients the most relevant information and perspectives. She has been a forensic consultant for 19 years, a practitioner of negotiation and conflict resolution for 28 years and has worked in the counseling/public health/hospice area for 34 years. Valerie is a "hard science" and legal researcher, constantly reviewing the multidisciplinary literature for the "latest and greatest" of innovative ideas, models and protocols to bring to her practice and the people she serves. Many of her original families have returned over the years,  at various family developmental crossroads. In a number of cases, she has worked with the third generation of families for whom she has worked in past years.

Valerie is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every family, designed collaboratively with them, including their counsel when requested and integrating the highest standards and most recent developments within the professional and research communities. She is devoted to the principles of innovative collaboration, empowerment of each person's voice and continually asking herself "So, as we examine this situation, what am I unable to see yet?"

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