Valerie R. Houghton, RN, MFT, Esq.

1190 South Bascom Avenue, Suite 138

San Jose, California 95128

Ph: 408.293.5853

Fax: 408.293.0458



Valerie R. Houghton, RN, MFT, Esq.
Family Mediation, Family Therapy & Forensic Services

Services Provided

Valerie Houghton provides the following conflict management and resolution services:

- Family Mediation, Child Focused
- Family Mediation, Child Inclusive
- Co Parent Consultation
- Mediation with Family Members regarding elderly and other vulnerable family  members (disabled child, for example)
- Subject Matter Expert/Litigation Support, non disclosed
- Subject Matter Expert/Litigation Support, disclosed
- Client Consultation per Attorney-Client Relations (protected by work product doctrine)
- Parent Coordination 
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